Success Stories

what our members say

Robyn Ferrar | mother of xxx age x and xxx age x

“The dojo provides my children with a safe place where they can be part of a community of strong role models (both Senseis and their peers) and where confidence, respect and resilience are developed along with the physical strength and skill.”

Zayd Gabier |  age x | junior black belt


“A lack of self-confidence and being bullied brought me to Samurai Claremont. It has been a wonderful experience and I have earned my black belt through hard work and dedication” 


Mario Strydom |  age x | orange belt


“In January 2019 we received daily voice notes about the teachings of Master Gichin Funakoshi. It was about the same time that I was retrenched from work. Those voice notes about respect, control and breathing allowed me to cope and get through some very tough days. Coming to class and learning from others who have made these principles a way of life, has made a huge impact on me. It’s that way of life that brings me to the dojo week after week and I will continue as long as I can in order to grow.” 


Matthew Sparkhall Brown | age x | x dan black belt

“Karate training is a physical and mental journey that enriches my life. Samurai Claremont has been and continues to be an enormously positive environment in which to undertake that journey. Osu!”